Data everywhere

Building a Data Center was accompanied by our Portfolio Manager and Program Manager, and Business Consultant / Business Analyst and Project Management. It was developed and implemented a consolidation of two locations in a data center. The structure of a team in a Program Structure B2B and the construction of a new IT department with an architecture team was created. The organizing Managemnet headed was set up with a decision-making body (STC) Steering Committee with regard to status, budget Mileststones / timeline and escalation management. The process structures and the organization with the reorganization management was planned and implemented. It was developed a core team for the responsibilities and regelmäsige KTM placed team meetings. The scope has been defined with the help of the customer and the requirements frozen by a set of requirements. We have given further support the PLs and PMs in the projects, so that the expiry of the projects ran smoothly. Special attention we have given to the project setup,

Next a RE plan and ensuring the delivery of the projects was carried out by us. A permanent structure to manage the Program and the support of the Product Management and Change Management was of administered Furthermore we have helped in the acquisition, and helped the Board in juiristischen questions and clarifications.

Tender preparation and procurement management, business reporting and monitoring, Security Management, Configuration Management and Requirement, Budget and Administration Basket, asset management, customer relationship management, Secuity management, coaching and administration of third party suppliers




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