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We work in various projects and industries ….




Information Technology


Believe Me Or Not


Migration and software projects as well as consulting of processes and business organizations….






Embrace Yourself


Telecommunication projects are also part of our services in Business & IT, as well as Pre Sales….




Project Management


Projects in

IT & Business

Project management in agile and standard projects we offer in Business & IT….




We are looking for solutions for you!

Because there are always solutions. Nothing is impossible. To this end, we work out these solutions together with you.




Business Development

Business development consulting in the form of assessments and analyses with elaboration of goals and events....

Economic computer science

We offer you the latest findings in business informatics and advise you with knowledge of your company....


Analysis is important to identify what is needed, so we analyze first before we advise you....

Business Services

Good service is better than reinventing the wheel, so we think outside the box to find the best service for you....

Assessment & Qualität Assets

Quality is important and can be evaluated, as well as compared with competitors. Thus, it can be found out what can be improved and how to work in the future....


Our consultants are highly professional and with many years of experience they can show you how to do things in a simpler and more direct way....

Information Architecture

IT architecture is important to align correctly for the company to be able to grow and be future-oriented. We check your IT and give you tips to keep it fit for the future....

Information Technology Development

Sometimes it has to be a special software that has to be produced especially for you. We help you with our partners to provide and produce this software for you....

Latest Projects


Classic consulting in business and IT is more important today than ever before. The fast market must be closely monitored and a company must be able to react immediately to the changes in the market….




Another ideas for office

Nowadays, it is no longer important that we are all in one office. It is important that our specialists are there for our customers. Therefore, our employees are not centrally located in one place, but always remote and on-site for the customer….




Never too late for thinking

Thinking is the most important for humanity and economy. Therefore, we are a thinking factory and a thinking tank, which is your solution to your problems….




Golden gate

With us you are well advised, because we build the bridge to your problems and projects. We provide the gateway to see the future and to go the right way….




Industry renaissance

The industry will undergo a new revolution characterized by robots and automation. Therefore, the industry is reinventing itself once again….




IT holy land

Software in an enterprise is more important than ever. Therefore, it is most important to use the right tools that are right for the company for the future and can best support and also simplify….





It is important to us that you get a solution! Because everything has a solution, we have made it our mission.

Problems are there to be solved!

And there is always a way to find a solution.




How professionals see it

"Whether you think you can or you can't; you'll be right either way." (Henry Ford)
"If you only do things you know in advance how they're going to go, your business will go under." (Jeff Bezos)
The more volatile the market, the faster an organization's formula for success becomes obsolete. (Daryl R. Conner Management Consultant)
"He who always does what he already can, always remains what he already is." (Henry Ford)

something more

AI is probably the best or worst thing that can happen to humanity.
Stephen Hawking
"If you're the superstar today, you have the best chance of falling low tomorrow."
Hermann Simon
Management Consultant & Owner of a Business
"More than the past, I am interested in the future, for in it I intend to live."
Albert Einstein
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